Blue Star Manufacturing (PVT) LTD.


Blue Star manufactures different sets of products every year. Some of our major ones are:

  • Leather Jackets.

Our jackets are the best-selling product. Since we do not compromise on quality, our jackets are made from the finest leather in the land. We manufacture over 120 thousand jackets per year. We can go higher if the consumer demands it.

  • Leather Vests.

After jackets, this is another well-liked product of ours. We manufacture up to 100-120 thousand annually. Of course, the count can go higher when there is more demand for it.

  • Working Gloves.

We make specialized gloves for different fields of work, i.e. doctors, drivers, contractors, and such. We produce 5-6 million pairs in the fiscal year.

  • Footwear.

Our leather-coated footwear is exactly what your delicate feet need. We manufacture up to 50-60 thousand every year.

  • Leather Gloves.

We also make simple leatherwear gloves. These are not the kind you would wear when leading a construction but certainly when you are shivering in the cold. We produce around 5-6 million pairs of these annually.