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BSM4328 Puff Protector


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Features heavy thermal Lining.

Finger glove style to allow finger movement with freedom

Crafted with a Leather Palm.

Featuring a Waterproof inside lining.

Water Resistance Outer Shell protection against Wet conditions.

Adjustable Wrist belt and a controllable Elastic cuff for better fit.

Long Shaped for extended coverage.

Double-stitched for durability.

Adjustable String for perfect fit.

Adjustable Band for the desired fit.

Puff Protector snowboard gloves offer style and warmth with their striking color contrast and insulating design. Whether you want to go skiing or engage in any other outdoor activities, these gloves provide comfort and protection against cold and abrasion. These gloves are a practical yet fashionable accessory for chilly days.

Products Specs

Puff Protector

Color: Black and Yellow

Size: XS-3XL