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Glow Bones Black and White Leather Skeleton Glove


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Blue Star Manufacturing (PVT) LTD. Glow Bones adds an edgy touch to your look with its striking skeletal design. Crafted in sleek black, these gloves feature bone-like patterns that stand out against any outfit. Beyond their bold appearance, these gloves offer functionality with a comfortable fit and flexible construction, making them suitable for activities like, day to day maintenance work, motorcycling or costume parties. Whether you’re planning for a gothic vibe or looking to make a statement, these gloves are versatile accessories that add a dose of personality to your style. This pair of gloves comes with the following features:

Crafted with soft and premium quality leather.

The Amara suede on the index finger and thumb allows smartphone usage.

Featuring hand-stitched pieces of skeleton design stitched on the back.

High-quality soft elastic ensures an automatically adjustable fit around the wrist.

Featuring a large leather patch on the palm for better grip.

Heavy duty thread.

Reinforcement stitch.



Product Specs:

Glow Bones

Color: Black & White

Sizes: XS-3XL