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Power Palm Weightlifting and Gym Workout Glove Black


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Blue Star Manufacturing (PVT) LTD weightlifting and workout fitness gloves are that part of your workout gear that provides wrist support and protection against injury. These gym gloves are also designed to fit perfectly for men and women. Indoor workouts can be smooth using these weight-lifting gloves. Weight lifting, cardio, or any workout regime you opt for at-home becomes effortless with these gloves, so shop today and enhance your weight-lifting experience.


Crafted with Durable and Premium Quality Flexible Fabric.

It features a Velcro Strap for Easy Adjustment and a Secure Fit.

Silicon-printed palm design for an elegant look.

Padded palm for extra grip on gym apparatus while protecting your hands.

Ventilated design for breathability

Striped Elastic Band that provides wrist protection along with keeping the glove securely positioned during your workout.

Micro mesh polyester on the back for enhanced airflow

Heavy Duty Thread.

Reinforcement Stitch.


Product Specs:

Power Palm

Color: Black

Sizes: XS-4XL