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BSC237 Black Leather Long Bi-Fold Biker Chain Wallet

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Complete Wallet Body Made of 100% genuine leather.

Featuring Classic Silver Snap Button Closure

Removable Anti-Theft Heavy Stainless-Steel Chain with Belt Loop and J hooks

2 Deep Storage Slit Pocket

1 Deep Storage Pocket with Zipper Closure

1 Small ID Slit Pocket

6 Wide & 3.5 Height (Closed)

Genuine YKK Zippers -Known for Longevity and Durability

Heavy duty Thread.

High-Quality Stitching.

The Black Leather Long Bi-Fold Biker Wallet is a sleek and durable accessory designed for riders. Crafted from high-quality leather with a matte finish, it offers ample space for essentials. Its understated style and toughness make it the perfect companion for any journey on the road.

Product Specs

Black Leather Long Bi-Fold Biker Chain Wallet

Color: Black

Size: 3.5”x6”