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BSM1572 Concealed Snap Closure, Scoop Collar & Hidden Zipper


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Leather vests are a lightweight alternative to a concealed carry leather jacket. This men’s single panel concealment biker vest with a hidden zipper is the perfect choice for gun-carrying bikers. Made from soft, promo cowhide leather 1.2 – 1.3mm and a durable lining, this vest will keep you safe with added comfort.

The concealed carry pockets are conveniently located between the hidden zipper and snaps. They are easy to access and include built-in snap closures and holsters. You can quickly access your gun when you need it, or keep it safely tucked away wherever you go.

The hidden zipper keeps out water and wind. If you’re looking for a comfortable, classic leather vest, this is a great option.

Men’s Single Panel Concealment Motorcycle Vest Highlights

The men’s single panel concealment motorcycle vest with a hidden zipper features:

  • A stylish scoop neck.
  • Four exterior pockets.
  • An interior cellphone pocket with a wire feed.