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BSM4314 Gold Hands


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  • Crafted from Premium-Grade Cowhide, Designed to Withstand the Toughest of Conditions.
  • The Long-Shaped Design Ensures Maximum Coverage and Protection for Your Hands.
  • COMFORTABLE: These gloves Are A Pleasure to Wear Throughout the Day
  • The Seam Stitch Provides an Extra Layer of Protection
  • The fleece Lining on The Palm Keeps Your Hands Dry and Comfortable
  • The Canvas Lining Inside the Cuff Adds Durability and Prevents Damage.
  • Full hands black leather piping gives an aesthetic touch to the overall look.
  • The Wing Thumb Design Allows for A Natural and Comfortable Grip on The Handlebars.
  • Reinforced Thumb Ensures Extra Strength and Longevity. Welted Fingers That Protect the Stitching from Wear and Tear.
  • The Lock Stitching with Kevlar Thread Adds a Layer of Strength

With Blue Star Manufacturing welding gloves, you’ll get superior protection and comfort while welding. Crafted from premium cowhide with a reinforced thumb and Kevlar stitching, these gloves ensure durability and secure grip during welding tasks.

Products Specs

Gold Hands

Color: Golden

Sizes: M-XL